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The "butterfly" ThinkPad 701C went out of production in 1996, but it's still an amazingly cool piece of engineering -- a real "desert island" computer. That's one of mine hard at work in the photo above.

The ThinkPad 701C I'm using now -- my second -- originally came with 16 MB of RAM and a 720-MB hard drive. I've since replaced 8 MB of the original memory with a 32-MB SO-DIMM, for a total of 40 MB of RAM. I bought the memory from Bill Morrow's site. Bill offers fast, friendly service, and unlike some vendors, he has no problem with shipping to foreign addresses.

I also replaced the original 720-MB hard-disk drive with a 2.1-GB drive (2.5", 12.7 mm) from Toshiba, then later with a 6.1-GB drive I mail-ordered from Bill Morrow. This gave me plenty of room for installing PC-DOS J7.0/V, DR-DOS 7.03, the Japanese version of OS/2 Warp Connect, and the English version of OS/2 Warp 4.0. IBM's Boot Manager, which comes with OS/2 Warp, is used to choose an operating system at boot-up.

OS/2 Warp runs beautifully on the ThinkPad 701C -- in fact, most of the pages on this web site were originally created and tested on the TP701.

The TP701's hibernation file normally must reside on a FAT drive, but Tim Sipples has come up with a REXX program that puts it on an HPFS partition. You can get the program from his web site (see the links below), or here. (If you want to save the program to your local disk, most browsers will let you do so by holding down the Shift key as you click on the link.)

Occasionally the battery gauge on the ThinkPad 701 may get stuck on "full" when the battery is actually empty. Here's a small DOS program for correcting this problem that a kind soul posted to the THINKPADS-L mailing list:

Other ThinkPad 701C sites:

NOTE: The information and files are provided here as a service to other ThinkPad 701C users and enthusiasts, and as such are offered in good faith. Your system may be different from mine, so use at your own risk!
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